Infrastructure Analyst, Mumbai

A better culture and environment for endless opportunity- freedom to explore, new and upcoming technologies.

Developer, Mumbai

Perfect workplace where you are appreciated for out of the box thoughts.

SAP Expert, Mumbai

At IT Asia, proactive and innovative way of working is encouraged. Everyone can contribute to improvements. I find this very encouraging and has helped me contribute effectively to all my projects.

Solution Architect, Mumbai

IT Asia has managed to achieve many significant milestones and transformed into a business partner from a backend IT support provider. We embarked on a transformation journey - experimented in multiple technology areas - and built in-house capability in some of the latest technologies like Mobility, RPA, SAP Fiori and Analytics. This has positioned ourselves, as a learning, innovative, open and inclusive organization that offers enormous opportunity to people willing to learn . I would strongly recommend this organization to anybody who is interested in learning and is passionate about technology to make a difference in the customer experience.