What we do

Global Digital Hub (GDH) is geared to enable business advantages for our Operating Companies (OpCos) in the Asia Pacific Region, in two distinct ways -

1. Leveraging IT to enhance business

Business-savvy technologists will work with business leaders and process owners in each country to drive service value, IT-leverage and innovation. They will be complemented by technology specialists who will bring their expertise and knowledge of specific tools, solutions and delivery processes to your business. 

2. Driving operational efficiency and versatility with standardisation

The standardisation of the IT services of the organization, IT operations and its core can improve response times, while boosting customer and market-centric solutions that support different business operating models. The focus will be on agility and user experience - using data driven approach to improve service level.


Our primary functions are -

Digital Technologies
Core Technologies
IT Services Management, IT Operations & Networks
Infrastructure & Operations
IT Security & Internal Control